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The changing role of Marketing (Part 3)

The biggest cause of misalignment between marketing and sales is that leads are unqualified or not quality leads that will generate real opportunities. Over time, sales teams believe that marketing don’t know what a lead is and so the divide between the two continues.

The changing role of Marketing (Part 2)

Addressing the changing consumer In the age of digital shopping—where the competitor is a click, swipe, or tap away—how consumers make buying decisions has drastically changed. The truth is, while...

The changing role of Marketing (Part 1)

Time for a restructure? The world of marketing has changed. Here are some of the mega shifts Since starting out in my career as a marketer, the world has changed....

Putting the customer experience first

What’s the holy grail of retail? For me, it’s shoppers that keep coming back time and time again. This means offering an unparalleled customer experience that makes shopping – whether...

What GDPR means for Marketers

In May 2017, The Economist called personal data “the world’s most valuable resource’ ahead of oil, because of how much it now informs the way companies communicate with their customers and how...

Data, the new differentiator?

The idea of handling and using data can be daunting for any retailer. Data offers huge opportunity but it requires investment, focus and a clear understanding of what is to be gained to turn it into insight, and once it is turned into actionable insight, it can be used to increase efficiency, predict behaviours and improve bottom lines as a result.

The Future of Retail: Omnichannel

During the event, we hotly debated and  delibered the term ‘Omnichannel’. But really, it's just the customer journey isn't it?

Halloween spending impact on retail

Halloween more a delight than a fright as Brits set to spend more than £310 million on halloween

Using digital to create the instore experience

There’s no denying that in-store technology in the retail sector has completely revolutionised the way consumers shop. Rapid changes in technology and a growing digitally savvy demographic has put tremendous...

VR and AR in Fashion?

Virtual reality and augmented reality could certainly become a powerful channel for brand-consumer interactions, much like mobile and social are today. Why? Well the fashion industry is indisputably undergoing a...

The Future of Retail: Customer Engagement

I was chuffed to bits to be part of the Future of Retail report on Customer Engagement. The report (published by The Retail Bulletin) looks at the latest thinking on...

The changing role of the CFO

Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, disruptive technologies, shifting consumer demands, and competition from new and unexpected sources, we are amid the next revolution; the changing CFO. And when it comes to innovating, the CFO is stepping up.