The idea of handling and using data can be daunting for any retailer. Data offers huge opportunity but it requires investment, focus and a clear understanding of what is to be gained to turn it into insight, and once it is turned into actionable insight, it can be used to increase efficiency, predict behaviours and improve bottom lines as a result.

I recently presented at the Omnichannel Summit hosted by The Retail Bulletin and it was a fantastic opportunity to network with likeminded retailers and industry specialists. During the event, we hotly debated and  delibered the term ‘Omnichannel’. Omnichannel enables retailers to seamlessly engage with their customers across all channels. It can significantly improve the customer […]

There’s no denying that in-store technology in the retail sector has completely revolutionised the way consumers shop. Rapid changes in technology and a growing digitally savvy demographic has put tremendous pressure on retailers to adapt the way they interact with their customers, especially in-store. Serious evolution and innovation are necessary if storefronts hope to beat […]

Virtual reality and augmented reality could certainly become a powerful channel for brand-consumer interactions, much like mobile and social are today. Why? Well the fashion industry is indisputably undergoing a revolution as retailers embark on digital transformations of their entire organisations because of changing consumer demands that are fuelling increasingly complex shopping journeys and a […]

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