Christmas Ad Review 2020

It's that time of year - the Christmas Ads have arrived

Favourite retailers like John Lewis, M&S and Aldi are known for their memorable festive adverts (as well as spending a small fortune on more elaborate productions as the years go on) so let’s be honest, emotions are high and expectations even higher. With 2020 hardly a year of glitz and glamour and the public mood down after an almighty tough year, let’s look at my top 3 for this year’s ‘collection’.

Top of the charts – Give a Little Love, John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners have today unveiled their Christmas ad which will not only help raise money for vital causes after a difficult year but also reflects the tone of what possibly matters most to so many of us right now.  Love. Cleverly launched today on ‘National Kindness Day’, give this one a watch and see what you think.

What is wonderful about this ad is the nod and celebration of different forms of moving art – from animation and claymation to CGI and cinematography. It is made up of nine different vignettes created by eight different artists who are leading experts in their particular art, including Chris Hopewell, who has created music videos for Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand, and French animator Sylvain Chomet.

The scenes are connected to create a long chain of giving with a heart emblem and the storyline illustrates how acts of kindness, large and small, can multiply and positively impact the world. The different ‘moments’ of kindness captured in the film are designed to appeal to different ages to which is well thought out and cleverly executed.

JLP have produced this in the spirit of kindness towards the creative industry, employing multiple artists to widen the employment opportunity in an industry hard hit by the pandemic.

We will hug again – Zalando

I love this campaign. Zalando has launched a festive season campaign that reflects the current circumstances with the company saying it’s “celebrating the ultimate expression of human connection and solidarity: the hug”. The ad is optimistic, simple and well executed.
Avoiding physical contact is one of the things that have made the COVID-19 pandemic so much harder to endure. A hug, kiss, handshake, or embrace with a friend feels like a thing of the past, but in Zalando’s ad, which was filmed by four different directors throughout the globe, they evoke a feeling of optimism for the future. The ad serves as a beautifully moving montage of people from all walks of life hugging with James Blake’s ‘I will always love you’ track plays in the background.

Amazon – The Show Must Go On

This year, Amazon tells us the inspiring story of a young ballerina who despite all her practice finds out that her show has been cancelled due to Covid. Set to an arrangement of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’, the ad features a 17-year-old French ballet dancer, Taïs Vinolo.

The spirit of this advert is touching and heart-warming, it captures the human spirit and the power of community.

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