Retailer Christmas TV adverts take the next step

Last year, I was debated the merits of the big retailers Christmas advertising campaigns. What seems to be different this year is the level of integration across the various campaigns being run. Let’s take John Lewis as an example.  This Christmas, their character is Monty the penguin. What interesting is that John Lewis has cross marketed and extended their character across all the marketing channels both on and offline. You can find Monty in the window,  at the store entrance and the tills. They have even created an app with some gamification and created a whole series of social content online.  John Lewis has completely maximised what was once just a TV advert and I’m sure are seeing a far better return.

Multichannel marketing refers to the practice of interacting with customers using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels and enabling customers to react and response – preferably in buying your products or services.  Multichannel marketing creates a choice.

The creative consistency constructed by the likes of John Lewis and Marks & Spencer is impressive. Like them or not, you’ve got to appreciate that when done correctly, integrated marketing has the ability to completely transform your marketing.