Moments of truth

This past weekend, I had been working on my 2014 Challenge as well as other content in readiness for switching my website over to a brand spanking new responsive website. (All super exciting, it’s going to look and work 100 x’s better). And then I watched some telly; BBC 1, The Voice. I know – Saturday night – it is how I roll.

I was inspired by He was reduced to tears during an audition by a contestant on Saturday night. had a personal moment where he was reflecting on his own recent loss for somebody he loved (The details are his own so I won’t go into that). What I do find fascinating is how such a big name celebrity with a lot of ‘cred’ was comfortable to be open and honest with the world. And why not?

I am me, you are you, feel good about it. 

And so back to the point about my writing over the weekend. I had been working on what will be called m.o.t. i.e. marketing on target. Here I plan to share marketing experiences and best practices as a resource or tool kit for like minded professionals.  I then got to thinking that my 2014 challenge should follow the same focus of m.o.t only this time as m.o.t. moment of truth – a much more suitable name.

Thank you will-i-am. Always inspired.