Mother’s Day around the corner

Around the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on many different dates and in different ways. While the customs and traditions vary, everyone knows how important it is to honour moms for everything they do all year long.

The concept of a commercialised Mother’s Day is a Western evolution, but many cultures worldwide do things to celebrate their mothers in small and large ways from rituals to special treatments. For most, Mother’s Day is a day of pampering – children help take over the household chores and perhaps have a special family meal.

The National Retail Federation estimated in 2014 that Mother’s Day weekend, Americans purchased more than $2 billion worth of flowers. Here in the UK, Mother’s Day is worth more than £400m. Wow. That’s either a lot of flowers or a lot of mother love. Let’s hope it’s the later. Whatever it is, it’s a day to stop and reflect – and say thank you.

Flower are always a winner. I’ve just spotted the latest Marks & Spencer iteration of its ‘Adventures In’ campaign, this time focusing on its fresh flowers offering. Dare I say it, it’s fresh and … I quite like the simplicity of it. The ‘Ronseal’ approach to their advertising is appealing.

Retailers are getting smart about integrating new spring collections into their campaigns as well as adding in ‘gift collections’ to inspire shoppers. 70% of consumers wait until the week before Mother’s Day to choose a gift. Offering convenient delivery and collection options is bang on trend and will drive sales for those last-minute shoppers.

For me personally, I’d be chuffed with a cup of tea in bed and a hand-made card. It is after all the sentiment that really matters.