Technology gifting this holiday season

1 fact coming for every day of advent… day 14.

14% of people plan on gifting someone special with a tablet this Christmas. 

And on the reverse end of the scale – more than 14 million people in the UK can be termed ‘digitally excluded’.

Did you know that two thirds of children aged four to seven have already used an iPhone? 
I wouldn’t have thought that was too surprising. We are growing up in an era where the way we work, think and play is digital. We still have some way to go though. Many older people have never had access to a computer or a smartphone during their working lives and cannot justify the costs of buying a piece of digital technology or the complications of learning to use one.  What this means is that older people are missing out on the benefits of being online in terms of information and services, many of which are less expensive if purchased over the web.

Read this report by the charity Age here