HOT visual merchandising tricks from Primark

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16 Steps to successful visual merchandising

For any visual merchandise fan (me!), Christmas is the ultimate time of year. From three-dimensional shop floors to the eye catching window display – retailers go all out during the holidays. This season, Primark have done an exceptional job in creating an aesthetically pleasing display to grab attention and translate into increased sales. The methodology they have followed plays particular well to the psychology of consumer motivation.

Here are 16 tactics Primark have used to create a bang this Christmas:

1.  Colour. It’s Christmas and it shows

2.  Dimension. Clever pop ups create energy

3.  Animals. We all love animals and in this case we have a reindeer AND a polar bear. Many successful brands use animals to stir up an emotional connection

4.  Numbers. The repetition of £12 provides a sense of honesty allowing us to measure value openly

5.  Sentimentality. The snow flake is the icon of seasonal nostalgia

6.  Sex sells. The models are rather lovely looking.

7.  Trends. The window displays the latest and best selling items in store

8.  Groupings. When goods are grouped by colour, size or character it is more visually pleasing

9.  Props. Mixed with the right products, props evoke the right look in this display

10. Coordination. A good use of space and colour takes careful planning – great job Primark

11. Repetition. Reinforcing seasonal trends with duplication works well

12. Segmentation. To create versatility, simply divide windows into gender/ age appropriate displays

13. Focal points. Focal points create inspiration

14. Textures. The combination of drapes, fabrics, lights, glass and wood surfaces set the scene

15. Lighting. Set the bar high with different  dimension, reflection and shadows

16. Lifestyle. A good product display inspires customers because they can identify with the brand.

Check out all the pictures of the Primark Christmas windows here.

Image courtesy of Retail Design Blog