Why go nuts this Christmas?

1 fact coming for every day of advent… day 23.

Almost a quarter (23%) of adults will borrow money this year to help cover their Christmas expenses.
(Research by Gocompare.com)

Today is Manic Monday – the biggest shopping day of the year and already, The Telegraph are reporting 15 million shoppers on the High streets spending £2.6m per minute. More terrifying numbers here.  Whilst I try to be optimistic about the figures – marketing is clearly working and retail spend is up which in turn is good for the economy – I do worry that as consumers, we just spend too much and gluttony has reached a level too far.   In trying to find some inspiration, I was encourage that overall, Christmas is less expensive than years before and the value of what we are receiving is on the increase too – good old The Economist. Check out their article “Good news Santa” here.