Why I chose a responsive web design?

One site. One look. Any device.


One of the most appealing aspects of having my site built with a responsive framework is that the user experience would be great – no matter where the traffic to the site was coming from. What responsive design has given to my website is the continuity between the content, images and structure of the site AND is agnostic to the type of device used and the size of the screen it has. It has given me the assurance that my website will look as I expect, regardless of what device is used.

If that was not enough to convince me, (it was!) here are two more reasons why I knew responsive was the best choice:

1.Using responsive design makes managing my on-line presence far easier than before. Changes only need updating on one site, on one CMS – leaving little room for mistakes.

2.My ranking has boosted. Google recommends responsive design because having a single URL for desktop and mobile sites make it easier for Google to discover content and for Google algorithms to assign indexing properties to content.

As we know, the big ranking factors for Google is site quality. If a ‘searcher’ finds a site through mobile search and the site is not optimised for mobile devices, bounce rates will generally be higher and Google will be less likely to rank that website for mobile.

Here is some more about SEO and RWD (responsive web design) from Search Engine Journal.


According to a survey by Google – 48% of users said that if a site didn’t work well on their smartphone, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business.