Why Retailers Need to Customer Journeys, not ‘Channels’.

As the online world becomes as real as the high streets we walk down, retailers need to focus more on the customer journey itself than actual channels.

In a world where nearly everyone is online, retailers need to think less about individual channels and how they fit together, but more about the overall customer journey– a journey influenced by the digital world every step of the way.

Rather than focusing on driving customers to buy on each channel, retailers need to find the value in each channel as part of the customer journey. And the concept of the customer journey itself needs a rethink.

It’s a potential mind field but the rewards are great. According to the Deloitte Digital Divide report, almost one third of customers said that using digital devices during the shopping journey caused them to spend more – with 20% of these shoppers converting in-store at a 20% higher rate than shoppers who didn’t turn to their mobile device in-store.

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