With social media, there is no hiding

Social media is enforcing accountability and where not, culprits are exposed.

At last, Joe Public are waking up to and understanding the immense advantages of social media – not just for business, but our everyday lives. Social media will make your search for content relevant and interesting (hopefully) but even more importantly, true and transparent.

Over the last few months, I have noticed a change in the news and social conversations. More than ever, moral and ethical stories are being challenged and questioned through social media channels. A number of successful campaigns have been hot in the press this year for example anti-gay laws, on-line bullying, racism and animal abuse. Without social media, would these stories have received the coverage and support they should have/needed?

Celebrities campaigning in support of gay rights in Russia. Rihanna linked on her Twitter account, which has more than 34 million followers, to an opinion piece that described the anti-gay law as “outrageously repressive.” More.

Corporate bullying
LinkedIn rejection letter goes viral when a ‘senior’ leader really gets above her station! This is a perfect reminder to “baby boomers” that social media should be taken seriously and that we are never too wise to learn. More.

On-line abuse
Richard Bacon of BBC radio 5 suffered 2 years of on-line abuse. More.

Missing girl found
Twitter users work together as a community to help find a missing girl in just 3 hours. The power of on-line collaboration can be lifesaving. More.

Social media is no longer just a tool for every day socialising and content sharing, but a strong collaboration and exposure tool that will continue to change the way that we work, think and play. 


Thanks to http://www.adview.mx/#/all for the image.