Thank you for your time.

Dear Anthony,

It was a real pleasure to meet with you and learn more aboutYayPay. Thanks again for your time.

I appreciate that you will be considering other experienced candidates, so I wanted to provide some help. I have put together a short checklist of what I have to offer, together with some examples of relevant projects to demonstrate my expertise and fit to this role.

Thank you for considering me.

Warm regards,

PS: The product comparison tool we spoke about was getapp.


Throughout my career, I’ve helped tech companies like YayPay to build their brands, generate new business and retain customers.


An established reputation as a strategic and perceptive leader driven by challenges but with a 'sleeves rolled up' can do approach.


Perhaps my superpower? Being reflective and curious is great for problem solving. It goes a long way with data and analytics too.

Example we discussed on the whiteboard:

ABM campaign challenges, objectives and results.

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Examples of my work


Global ABM campaign

A personalised and unique direct mail campaign using a gift card (the product) as the prize draw. The flexible design allowed easy and cost effective production in local languages.


Making a difference

An exciting challenge to work with the film crew film from ITN Productions, the British Retail Consortium and Charity retailer, Sue Ryder. The Changing Face of Retail #Retail2020 initiative.

Partner Education Campaign
Apprentice programme
Financial education in schools

Thanks again for your time. I hope you found this helpful.