Video & Digital Media

It was an exciting challenge and honour to work with the crew film from ITN Productions,  the British Retail Consortium and Charity retailer, Sue Ryder on The Changing Face of Retail. This was part of the #Retail2020 initiative.


Social, Promotion, Competition, Mentoring

Generation Y is the first generation to grow up with sophisticated IT and the internet. The rapid adoption of mobile phones and consumer technologies changed communication as we once knew it. During this campaign, 2e2 were looking to better understand how as a business, they could learn lessons and improve in business from customer engagement to product innovation through the lens of our future generation.

The campaign was promoted through digital channels, local advertising, schools, flyers on the High Street and with local radio. Most entries were submitted by video on the YouTube or Facebook channel.

Two excellent candidates were chosen (X Factor style) to join business as Apprentices. This campaign created not only external PR but an internal buzz - 2e2 was a workplace to be proud of. The 'winners' went on to provide valuable insight into how to improve and build on tech platforms. These findings were then built into  a ‘blueprint’ used by the sales team to improve qualification and customer engagement.


When every detail matters

Customers are busy and there are a lot of events they could go to. Creating an agenda that offers insight, trends, top tips, interviews and something a little different results in success. Events take fastidious planning and strong team management.

The K3 Connect & Make Happy is an annual event attended by customers, prospects and partners.

In 2017, Make Happy was facilitated by Juliet Mann and with headline speakers including Dave Coplin and Ben Towers. Speakers from previous years include Mary Portas and Eric Musgrave.

Event agenda, videos and feedback can be found here




Customer Insight, Research, Copywriting

With customers’ shopping journeys now straddling a myriad of different channels, retailers are dealing with the challenge of integrating these separate routes to market to deliver a seamless customer experience.

In this report I look at how retailers can seamlessly engage with customers across all channels as well as how to improve the customer experience. 

Download the full Future of Retail supplement 

Published by The Retail Bulletin.