About me

Hello and thanks for visiting my site.

Throughout my career, I’ve helped technology companies to build their band, generate new business and retain customers.  I am proud of my extensive and demonstrated ability to deliver business momentum through creative and well-planned marketing strategies.  I’m commercial and have a can-do approach.

My sector expertise: B2B. Technology, SaaS & services, Retail, FinTech.

In 2018, I founded Visibly Rocks.

Marketing is in my DNA

I have to know how things work and why. This drives me to experiment, try new things, learn and think beyond the obvious. Curiosity helps me with problem solving and overall makes me more self aware. 

… and what triggers them to want to both buy and support brands. Marketing is not about selling but cultivating an audience of passionate friends who want to do business with and for you..

It’s handy to be persistent. You won’t always get thing right first time around.  Being analytical means I find this an exciting challenge – if  you persist, you’ll get where you want to be.

Every day is a school day.  Being curious means I study people and books, I attend conferences, I watch, I listen, I experiment. I push myself out of my comfort zone every day and the rewards are well worth it. 

Without action, results can not be achieved. If you can overcome your hesitations and excuses, you’ll find that you can be much more productive. I believe it’s better to fail fast. 

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