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Nick Grossman, CIO 2e2

Natalie bought real focus and creative thinking to her roles at 2e2. She introduced additional structure around her own and her team's roles and significantly advanced the maturity of the marketing function in the organisation

Germain Roesch, Managing Director SVS

Natalie has been instrumental for establishing/consolidating SVS' credibility internationally, in defining and executing the right marketing communication strategies/tactics. Enthusiastic, energetic and engaged, Natalie is a hard worker and highly valued by her peers.

Barry O'Keefe Channel Director
Having worked with Natalie in different environments; one as a colleague and another as an organizer, I have seen the effort and expertise Natalie has in what she does. Always one step ahead and creative in her ideas, she puts customers and colleagues at ease in the controlled manner she operates and addresses her remit. I would recommend Natalie to any company who is looking for a Marketing evangelist with a complete professional outlook to the role she fulfills.
Robert Hurt, General Manager Intermec

We retained Natalie as a consultant to help us coordinate a major Sales and Partner conference. This was a three month project which culminated in a successful event, which was well attended and generated highly positive feedback. Natalie was professional, motivated and diligent throughout. Importantly, in such a high pressure environment, she was always good humored and really was a pleasure to have on the team.

Ian Haines, President Above the Standard

Natalie opened my eyes to the possibilities that digital networking can offer both in terms of creative and back-end through intelligent database analysis. I would have no reservations at all in recommending Natalie as a useful marketing resource should you need marketing consultancy services.

Emma Henry, Director Inform

I worked with Natalie at both 2e2 and BAA; at 2e2 she brought her trusted marketing expertise to our operation and helped us translate our strategic objectives into marketing strategy. At BAA she translated a set of highly complex objectives into a detailed communications strategy based on the diverse audience, directly contributing to the success of the project. She was lively and bubbly, with a no-nonsense, direct approach which she applied to achieve great results in both roles.

Shoney Yuan, VP (APAC) SVS

As a marketing specialist, Natalie contributed significantly to establishing brand awareness and market presence for SVS in China, by writing press releases for targeted media, helping to set up trade shows, and developing the product message and marketing materials to attract customers. Her time divided across many responsibilities, different continents and time zones. She was always able to balance competing needs with professionalism and high quality work. Natalie was adept at identifying media outlets and achieving press coverage for our market development activities. She was also eager to learn new areas of businesses and was very open-minded about different market dynamics and how to reach a solution.

Jeurgen Stichenwirth, Owner Powercell

Natalie and I spent nearly three years working together on growing the business in Europe, across a number of geographies and clients. Her creativity and determination were key to the European strategy. She is excellent in front of the customer and understands the needs of diverse markets and industries. It was always a pleasure working with her and I can recommend her for her business acumen as well as her emotional intelligence.